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    How is this even legal?
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    If people don't shop around they should get charged silly amounts. can get HDMI cable from the pound shop now.

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    Aye, and it'll work just as well as this one! The only trouble I've had with buying really cheap cables is there's increased chance of faulty ones because of lower build quality. (dont buy the very cheapest optical cables you can get, they're shite).

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    Same with audio cables. There's a huge price difference between brands. Lately I bought an extra cable for 7euros, while in the same rack there was the same type of cable for 25euros. The quality difference is minimal. Don't know who buys the expensive ones lol

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    HDMI cables are digital so doesn't make a difference in the quality of the video or audio. It may not last as long but for a £1 I'll take my chances, not going to catch a decease off it.

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    No wonder Curry's have had to call in the administrators.

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    I'd love to go into a store, find the spottiest teenaged 'tv expert' and make him think he's gonna land a couple of grands worth of sales then — when he tries to convince me that their uber shielded gold plated diamond coated cable will give me a better picture — turn round and say "I know you're lying to me, you know you're lying to me, and because of that I now no longer trust anything you've said about the products I was going to buy. So I'm not going to." Then walk out.

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    Dick move...LOVE IT!