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    I think the time has come to move to a mobile app as the main focus of the site. But, in a world of Facebook and Instagram, is there any point in crafting our own personal private social site?

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    It's being a good time on here but the end of the line has come. Wish we could see it off with a gathering,like the one that really started it, the Leeds gathering.
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    I think there's a place for it on our phones rather than remembering to check in on the computer all the time. Maybe letting us converse more rather than just moblog, share youtube vids... keep a bit of close-knit community outside of the more public setting of Facebook...

    I think it would be a shame to close up shop and lose >12,000 moblogs.

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    12,000 moblogs?  Holy crap!  I wonder how many I have uploaded?  If there was a mobile app I would propbably check it more.  I'm really thinking about closing my Facebook account so this could be another outlet for me.  Instagram?  Not a fan.

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    I have never got into Instagram but Ian a big Facebook user, mainly helps me keep on track with what Luke and Danny are up to.should it not be 12,668 moblogs?